Grow the Music Meets Maningrida Episode 2

djolpa-mckenziePaul ‘Djolpa’ McKenzie

Listen to Grow the Music meets Maningrida Podcast Part 1 here:

My name is Paul Djolpa McKenzie!
I’ve just started as manager for the WIWA project. I’m a local man from Maningrida, my tribe is Unburra my mother is a parts of the Nakara tribe. I want to support my people in Maningrida and surrounding outstations to be more active in creative arts and to just purely have local bands performing and entertaining. My background is music and music education and I have been in the arts industry for over 20 years, with my own band ‘Wild Water’. I worked at Maningrida school for 6 years teaching music. I’ve also been a featured artist in the Black Arm Band and have built my own career as a solo artist.
WIWA is now available to the wider community as an activity for CDP all you have to do is turn up! Come and play some music, create a list of songs (repertoire), perform at gigs, tour, record music, and develop your skills in the arts industry! 
…Let’s make some noise and put Maningrida back on the map…” Djolpa McKenzie 2016


Djolpa Mckenzie @ the open mic night September 2016

Music Featured on this episode:

Artist Djolpa McKenzie

Artists Gerryl Taylor, Art Smith and Barnabas Smith are all  featured as our background music.  Art & Barnabas are singing their Stringy Bark Songline.

Jon Altman is also featured on this episodefile

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