Grow the Music meets Maningrida Podcast Part 1


Deborah Wurrkidj

Listen to Grow the Music meets Maningrida Podcast Part 1 here:

Deborah is at the Babbarra Women’s Centre everyday producing beautiful handmade textiles.  Deborah creates silk screen and lino prints on cotton fabric up to 9m long. These textiles are then used for multiple purposes: fabric for curtains, cushions, table cloths, dresses, skirts, tops, wall hangings and are sold locally and online.  Deborah creates a number of designs through hand drawn illustration which are then cut or transferred for her prints.  These represent significant entities around her depicting bush plants, animals, places, landscapes and useful everyday objects like the woven mat, spears, sticking sticks and dilly bags.  Deborah’s designs represent & depict important family stories, her cultural and Kininjku tradition including the illustration of ‘Mimi’ rock spirit, Yiya ‘the mermaid’…as I  look around the space I see barramundi, crocodile, long neck turtle, catfish, and water lily….

For more information on the Babbarra Women’s Centre go to:

Information about Deborah Wurrkidj at:


Jon Altman

Jon Altman @ the Maningrida Library

We thought a perfect match for this podcast would be to bring you a two part recording of professor Jon Altman. Jon spent time with Deborah, her family and the Kininjku people of West Arnhem Land engaged in fieldwork for his doctorate during 1979-1981

Jon has maintained research, professional and personal relationships within the Maningrida region for over 30 years now. During his vibrant career he has undertaken field research across remote Australia in north Queensland, the Torres Strait, the Kimberley and central Australia

We had the pleasure of hearing Jon Altman speak at the Maningrida library last Wednesday night. He presented a talk titled: “The main thing is to have enough food: Transformations in Kuninjku economy 1979-2016.

Jon Altman is at Deakin University:

Jon Altman’s Essay Living the Good Life:


Photo of recording artist Gerryl Taylor

Music Featured on this Episode:

Artist Gerryl Taylor is featured as our background sounds


Ben Pascoe of the Sunrize Band

The Sunrize Band’s original song “Stubby Bottle” recorded live at The Wiwa Project [Maningrida] by Grow the Music on the 18/09/2016

Sunset Liverpool Band featuring MC Mooks original song “Sunset Liverpool” recorded live at The Wiwa Project [Maningrida] by Grow the Music on the 17/09/2016

Check out the talented MC.Mooks at his Facebook page:

Morning Star Ceremonial Excerpts with sincere thanks to Jackie & Marcus Pascoe Family and community.


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